Adminer - Database Manager

Adminer – Database management in a single PHP file

phpMyAdmin is one of the most famous tools for managing the MySQL database. However, it is not perfect which is the reason why Adminer has been created. In which areas is Adminer a better alternative to replace phpMyAdmin? The list is quite long and some points may be insignificant for you. The most important differences […]

How To Become Good Programmer

It is possible to become a PC Programmer to go to school to study computer science or management info systems and starting an entry level computer engineer job after college. If you can’t afford to spend years in school before you start your programming career, you can learn programming from seasoned programmers or educate yourself […]

Five Common Myths about Big Data Debunked

Big data is big news these days, and as a result, there are many myths about big data floating about that need to be debunked before they get out of hand. Big data and the myths circulating about it aren’t, however, big news and potentially bigger problems without good cause because the volume of data […]

Top Most Features of Oracle Database 12c

Oracle 12c has created stir among database administrators with the inclusion of nice features. The post will walk you through the top 5 features of the database, let’s continue. Database Replay Database Replay is a tool that keeps record of all SQL statements and allows you to replay the recorded statements anytime you need to. […]