Technology that changed us: The 2010s, from Amazon Echo to Pokémon Go

2010: iPad The idea of a handheld, gesture-based tablet computer had been around for years. I bought a Tablet PC way back in 2002. It was unreliable, bulky, and very expensive. It wasn’t until Apple, a company normally associated with high-ticket items, introduced the iPad that the consumer tablet market took off. The original iPad […]

Download WhatsApp Status

How to Download WhatsApp Status Video

Story Saver for WhatsApp to Download WhatsApp Status Videos This method includes installation of app exclusively designed to save whatsapp stories to gallery. Story Saver for whatsapp apk for android is not officially launched by whatsapp. The app is available on playstore for free download to lollipop / marshmallow / nougat phones. You can download […]

Forensics Security

Cyber Security and Computer Forensics

Cyber Security and Computer Forensics : Offenses and criminals have a history and individuals have worked hard to secure savings and their possessions. Recently, the world’s industry including all sort of money transactions and banking, have moved over to the web, that was supposed to be the most type of conducting businesses that entailed sensitive […]

Danger Apps on Android

Top 5 Mobile Applications You Should Avoid Installing

Top 5 Mobile Applications You Should Avoid Installing There’s an application for everything nowadays. Regardless of whether you need to invest hours playing diversions, watch a man on the opposite side of the world stream a nearby games amusement, or compose each part of your life down to the details. The drawback to this staggering […]

Opera Mini Browser

Opera introduces new Opera mini browser for iOS users

Opera introduces new Opera mini browser for iOS users: AI powered news feed and additional What’s new within the latest version? Well, the browser currently comes with a revamped computer program that includes a news go after its begin page. The browser currently helps users get the news fourfold quicker than the previous version. Further, […]