How to Select the Best Wi-Fi Router for Home

A Wi-Fi router provides high-speed Internet connection to the Internet, for both commercial and residential use. Individuals now prefer using wireless routers for residential purposes as it helps to reduce the mess associated with numerous cables. Besides, a wireless router offers increased portability, high speed, and extended range.

With the advent of 4G network in India, numerous providers offer Wi-Fi routers in the market at competitive rates. It is, however, necessary to make the right choice based on a number of features like security encryption, reliability and performance,expanded USB connectivity, besides many others.

Following are the four steps to be followed while choosing a Wi-Fi router for your home.

  1. Determine the signal strength

The low signal strength of the Wi-Fi router results in lower download speeds, buffering, poor connection, and much more. It is, therefore, advisable to purchase a Wi-Fi router that offers maximum signal strength. You may evaluate the position of obstacles in your home and buy a router that meets your connectivity needs. Upon purchase, it is advisable to position the router in a place away from other wireless networks. This is because signals from these wireless networks interfere with that of the Wi-Fi router, thus having an impact on its speed.

  1. Evaluate your desired speed level

Most people these days seek higher speed, coverage, and reliability. One of the main aspects to be taken into consideration while purchasing a Wi-Fi router is the speed levels. Generally, new wireless routers offer higher speeds as they support the latest wireless networking standards. It is recommended to opt for a router with 802.11ac, which operates at 5GHz for the latest 802.11ac devices. It is advisable to avoid 802.11g and 802.11b as they offer lower speeds and have greater wireless interference.

  1. Choose the best model

It is imperative to opt for a model based on the interiors of your home. Before you buy a router, assess certain factors of your apartment, such as the overall size, the building materials used, and hollow doors, besides others. Such elements often cause signal degradation. Instead of considering the model specifications mentioned on the packaging, you may conduct range tests to check the actual performance of your shortlisted models.Also, check if the device has the required number of USB ports to let you plug flash drives and other devices. Besides, opt for a model that has multiple antennas so as to increase the overall range of your router.

  1. Have a strong encryption system

Security risks are a huge concern due to network hacking. Intruders often use an open or unsecured network to steal the Internet bandwidth, misuse sensitive information, perform illegal activities, and infect the network with malicious threats. Therefore, opt for a router that employs WPA2 or any other kind of security network. Once you have purchased the router, change the router’s default settings and configure it properly with a strong security key.

A router is one of the most important devices in your home and hence requires utmost consideration while making a purchase. You may either buy router online or from a store. Remember to keep the aforementioned aspects in mind while making the purchase. Evaluating the brand’s customer support system and warranties also helps in selecting the best model.

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