Top Most Features of Oracle Database 12c

Oracle 12c has created stir among database administrators with the inclusion of nice features. The post will walk you through the top 5 features of the database, let’s continue. Database Replay Database Replay is a tool that keeps record of all SQL statements and allows you to replay the recorded statements anytime you need to. […]

Are Apple Macs a Forbidden Territory for Viruses?

Are Apple Macs a Forbidden Territory for Viruses? There is a running joke among the IT circle that asks what’s the difference between a Mac and a PC? The witty (and close to reality) answer to that is – about a thousand dollars! Mac devotees might find the joke unfunny, because they believe that there […]

ways to protect website from hackers

10 Effective Ways to Protect your Website from Hackers

Effective Ways to Protect your Website from Hackers     The underworld of hacking has seen unprecedented momentum in the past decade. Hacker communities like 4chan, Anonymous, Syrian Electronic Army, etc. have become a buzzword in the cyberspace because of their willy nilly ambitions – and repeated success – to bring down popular websites. There are several […]

free download quick heal antivirus full version

Free Quick Heal Antivirus Pro 2015 Full Version

Free Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro Full Version Tough on Malware, Light on your PC. Stops unknown threats that traditional antivirus software don’t. Automatically blocks websites that can infect your PC. Protects your PC against emails infected with malicious codes. Keeps your inbox free of emails that can infect your PC. Automatically scans external drives for […]

Types Of Malwares – Important Malware Information

Adware Adware usually acts without your authorization or knowledge. Many free utilities may install hidden software, possibly to earn money for the author to recover development costs. While adware is not always malicious, it typically tracks your Internet activity and sends other information from your computer (which can include email addresses) to advertisers. With this […]