Remote Upload PHP Script

Remote Upload (Server to Server File Copy) PHP Script On this post we show you how to Copy a file Or Remote upload from server to server, means we can copy a file from Server A to Server B. Lets start: 1). First we create a php file and paste below code on it. <?php […]

How to use PHP to collect Form data

How to use PHP to collect Form data? Notes: • Make sure your webserver supports PHP otherwise this solution will not work! • This is a built-in PHP form processor. When using that option you do not need to write any code manually. *** Recommended for beginners! *** Step 1 Create a new page and […]

Access Point Name Setting – APN for India | Indian Mobile Operator

What is APN (Access Point Name)? The APN is a unique identifier that allows connection to the network and it identifies the data access services associated with your account. The APN is the exit point from the 3G or GPRS network into either the public Internet or a private customer gateway. On a technical level […]

How to Download and Update Quick Heal 2012 Offline

How to Download and Update Quick Heal 2012 Offline Quick Heal 2012 Products released and we shared Quick heal 2012 Direct offline installer links. You should keep Virus Database up to date to be protected from latest threats. In this article, we will learn to update Quick Heal 2012 Virus Definition Offline. This tutorial, however […]

How to Protect Your Password

Protect Your Password / Random Password Generator: Memorize your password, do not write it down. Do not share your password. Create a new account instead. Avoid using one password for all your logins. Don’t provide your password to someone for assistance unless you verify: They need the password. They are who they say they are. […]