Safety Tips for Cyber Cafe Visitors

Safety Tips for Cyber Cafe Visitors: Locations that offer wireless Internet access like hotels and airports typically also provide the use of Internet kiosks or public computers for Web access and word processing. This is a great benefit for those without their own devices, but can also pose many risks: Key loggers may be installed. […]

Static Vs Dynamic websites

What are static and dynamic websites? Whether you’ve come across these terms online or have heard it thrown around by your web designer, it is important to know the difference so that you can determine the best solution for your website. A static site is a website that is written entirely using HTML. Each web […]

Why go online

Why go online? If you are the owner of a small business or even an entrepreneur who does not have a business online already and think that you do not need one even, you may need to think again & again. The Internet is where your customers are. It’s where they are looking for you! […]

Advantages of Business Email Accounts

Advantages of Business Email Accounts: As we all know that communication through emails is the most easy and cheapest way. Most of the online businesses are running through email marketing. Now businessmen are using emails in order to communicate with their costumers, clients and other people relating to their business. Businessmen are having two accounts, […]