Why go online

Why go online?

If you are the owner of a small business or even an entrepreneur who does not have a business online already and think that you do not need one even, you may need to think again & again.
The Internet is where your customers are.
It’s where they are looking for you!

Why take your Business Online

The internet today is the first option when one needs to search for information, services and products and if you do not have a business online, people, some of whom could very well be your next potential customers won’t ever find you. But they might find somebody else – your competition!
If you don’t have a website already you maybe missing out on excellent opportunities to drive customers to your web domain as well as your brick and mortar outlet. Besides, if your competition already has a business online, it’s a compelling reason that you should have one too. Unlike in the real world, your potential customers who are online, can and will conveniently visit the next option, with a mere click. We live in a highly competitive and impatient world. And you don’t want to miss a fabulous business opportunity just because you don’t have a website!
Fortunately today there are small business web hosting & web designing service providers, like Azure, that facilitate even those with little technical know-how or expertise to design and host their own website, all by themselves. And the best reason of all, this all-inclusive web hosting service is available at a cost that is affordable to anyone.
While there are a lot of reasons why you personally would want to take your small business online, here are a few definite reasons why your small business should have a web presence as well. The sooner the better!

Today everyone’s on the Internet

You may or many not be aware, but nearly 3 crore Indians are online** and the internet business is growing by the day. Most online Indians use the internet for email and also for searching information. And there is a possibility that they are searching for a service or product similar to what you offer! Why miss it, when you can get your business online today!

Easy accessibility for your existing clientele.

We live in a highly impatient world where everything is required right now or never. Therefore, it makes good business sense for small business owner to attend to his customers around the clock, as and when required.More importantly, with your small business website, it becomes so much easier and convenient for your existing and prospective clients to log on to your website and browse through the services and products that you offer, whenever they want to.It’s like having a brochure online which is much cheaper to maintain and update as it is easily editable. By providing more details on your website, your clients can now have a better understanding of your small business, your products, locations, etc. and if interested, they can contact you through the website itself.

Relationship Management.

Get your business online and you can employ newsletters and emailers to keep close contact with your loyal customer base and get them up-to-date on new developments and offers.

Expand your market. Generate new leads.

Tap users who could be interested in your business. you can get interested prospective customers who are looking for products & services similar to what you offer. Since they have already expressed an interest, they are more likely to buy!

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