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How to Prevent Yourself from Ransomware

Quick TIP to stop #WannaCry for all Windows Users (even if you have installed updates, just disable SMB) Update — If you are thinking that activating the kill-switch has completely stopped the WannaCry Ransomware, then you are mistaken. WannaCry 2.0 version has just arrived without any ‘kill-switch’ function. Get prepared for the next massive wave […]

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How to fight against hackers and hacking

Hacking is definitely not a new phenomenon; browse online for the history of hacking and you would come across lots of interesting information. There had been guys who hacked into secure wireless telegraphy network; there had been guys who have hacked into early telephone systems and there was the hacking that made possible the stealing […]

Are Apple Macs a Forbidden Territory for Viruses?

Are Apple Macs a Forbidden Territory for Viruses? There is a running joke among the IT circle that asks what’s the difference between a Mac and a PC? The witty (and close to reality) answer to that is – about a thousand dollars! Mac devotees might find the joke unfunny, because they believe that there […]

ways to protect website from hackers

10 Effective Ways to Protect your Website from Hackers

Effective Ways to Protect your Website from Hackers     The underworld of hacking has seen unprecedented momentum in the past decade. Hacker communities like 4chan, Anonymous, Syrian Electronic Army, etc. have become a buzzword in the cyberspace because of their willy nilly ambitions – and repeated success – to bring down popular websites. There are several […]

How to Hack Windows XP-Vista Password

How to hack windows password without knowing the older password. It is possible to change Administrator password both in Windows XP and Vista without knowing it. If you somehow manage to login as an Administrator then you can change the password without knowing it. Here’s the Step-By-Step instructions 1. Right-click on the “My Computer” icon […]