Top 5 Mobile Applications You Should Avoid Installing

Top 5 Mobile Applications You Should Avoid Installing

There’s an application for everything nowadays. Regardless of whether you need to invest hours playing diversions, watch a man on the opposite side of the world stream a nearby games amusement, or compose each part of your life down to the details. The drawback to this staggering level of decision is that some applications out there mask themselves as your companion, when in reality they simply need to harm you by stealing your information. Google’s Play Store has much of the time got feedback for its not as much as vigorous way to deal with separating risky substance, and in case you’re not cautious, you could wind up being followed, hacked, or conned.

Here is a list of some popular applications that you should avoid installing for cyber security concerns due to bad reviews and experiences.


QuickPic used to be a friendly and simple to-utilize photograph display. It was never showy, however clear correspondences and regular updates saw it relentlessly grow an all-around measured client base. It was purchased by Cheetah Mobile a year ago. The organization promptly began transferring clients’ information to their own servers, as prove by one Google Plus client who found a pile of new DNS asks for that was inferable from the application.

QuickPic App

UC Browser:

UC Browser is the most well-known Android web program in China and India. It cases to have a “quick mode” that’ll spare you MBs of information use on account of pressure. Wondering why it’s terrible? Clients’ pursuit questions are sent without encryption to Yahoo India and Google, a client’s IMSI number, IMEI number, Android ID, and Wi-Fi MAC address are sent without encryption to Umeng (an Alibabaexamination apparatus), and clients’ geolocation information (counting longitude/scope and road name) is transmitted without encryption to AMAP (an Alibaba mapping instrument).

UC Browser


The greater part of what it publicizes is adverse to your telephone. For instance, clearing the reserve will eventually back your telephone off when it should be revamped, clearing your RAM just prompts more battery utilization, and slaughtering running applications does not spare your battery as asserted.

Clean it, Safe Boost Battery App

DU Battery Saver and Fast Charge:

It’s smarter to stay away from this well-known “battery-sparing” application. People should know the fact that the application aren’t not able to change how quickly your gadget charges. This is likewise the lord of adverts – it supports practically every advertisement that you find in some other application and shows its own promotions on your bolt screen and warnings bar. Likewise, every one of those favor speed charts and cool movements? It’s totally fake.

DU Battery Saver App

Music Player:

As the name recommends the application gives clients a chance to play sound records saved money on their gadgets. Be that as it may, the application has bunches of advertisements, yet more worryingly from a client angle, it eats through information designs and obliterates your battery. Individuals who’ve remarked on its Google Play posting claim gigabytes of information being expended, and additionally monstrous battery deplete.

These applications are not as secured as it should be; rather these apps aren’t providing any unique or beneficial services or feature. All its doing is making your phone vulnerable to cyber-attacks, using unnecessary mobile resources and services and resulting in decreasing the overall performance of device. Such applications are developed as hacking tools to sniff your device and steal data from it. It is recommended on the basis of bad reviews and analysis that you don’t install these applications to your devices. However, to learn more about best security practices, you can refer to cyber security training.

Music Player App

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