Apple will finally release the HomePod in Japan this summer

The HomePod doesn’t appear to have been a sales smash hit anywhere, but it doesn’t help that you can only actually buy it in a handful of countries. Apple is still rolling it out, though, and just announced its imminent arrival in one of the company’s biggest markets: Japan.

As spotted by MacRumors, the HomePod page on Apple’s website now says it’ll come to Japan “this summer.” The store page is also live, listing the smart speaker at 32,800 yen ($301), putting it in line with Apple’s recent price cut elsewhere.

The HomePod initially launched in February 2018 in just three countries: Australia, the UK, and the US. Canada, France, and Germany got the speaker a few months later, followed by Mexico and Spain, and the most recent international release was in China and Hong Kong this January. The product was announced more than two years ago at WWDC 2017.
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