Destiny 2 Exploit Unlocks Tributes Instantly for Bad Juju

For some players, the new Bad Juju quest in Destiny 2 is only a matter of parting with a lot (and we mean A LOT) of their materials and currency, but for others, it’s an immense grind. Whether or not you have been playing Destiny 2actively over the last year will determine how quickly you can get Bad Juju, but there is a faster, cheesier way to get the necessary Tributes.

The latest Destiny 2 exploit will get players all of the necessary tributes that they need for Bad Juju (18 Tributes) or even the Bad Juju Catalyst (45 Tributes). Or you could even collect 50 total Tributes and unlock the exotic emote, all without doing any activity.

First reported on the Destiny 2 subreddit, this exploit involves a couple of different steps but essentially the game will be “counting” the initial banner Tribute multiple times. It also needs at least two characters to work properly.

The first thing that players want to do is go to the Nessus Barge and unlock the Invitation from the Emperor questline. This will unlock the Tribute hall and access to the 4 daily Champion Bounties.

Pick up one of the daily Champion Bounties and complete it in order to unlock the first Tribute for the Tribute Hall, a raid banner that unlocks access to the main area. Do not place the raid banner down. Instead, switch to a second character.
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