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With Diablo 4’s recent unveiling at BlizzCon 2019, the studio revealed three playable classes coming to the game. Players can choose between a Barbarian, Druid, or Sorceress — likely among other unannounced classes. At BlizzCon, we got to try out each of these characters, and wrote down all the skills we could find. It’s worth noting that these skills will likely change before Blizzard officially launches Diablo 4. Sorceress The Sorceress is a magic wielder, who deals damage from afar. Minor Destruction Lightning Bolt: Shoots a lightning bolt that bounces between targets Fire Bolt: Shoots a fire bolt that burns enemies Frost Bolt: Shoots a frost bolt that chills enemies Arc Lash: Shocks enemies in front of you and when it returns to you Major Destruction Charged Bolts: Fire six lightning bolts along the ground Fireball: Shoot a fireball that explodes Ice Shard: Launch shards that deal bonus damage to frozen enemies Incinerate: Channel a fire beam Chain Lightning: Unleashes a bolt of lightning that jumps to targets Frozen Orb: Unleash a orb that chills enemies Defensive Flame Shield: Shield yourself and burn nearby enemies Ice Armor: Shield yourself after a few seconds Blizzard: Chill enemies in an area Teleport: Become immune and move freely through space Conjuration Frost Nova: Freeze nearby enemies Lightning Spear: Shoot a spear that jumps between targets Ice Blades: Summon blades that slash targets and chill Hydra: Summon hydra that fires at enemies Mastery Firewall: Create a wall of fire Nova: Spend a lot of mana to create a large electric explosion Meteor: Summon a meteor to strike a targeted area Ultimate Deep Freeze: Encase yourself in ice, become immune, and deal area ice damage Inferno: Create a blazing inferno in an area Conduit: Become a lightning being, and zap between enemies, dealing damage Druid Blizzard Entertainment The Druid is a hybrid magic and melee wielder, who transforms into and controls beasts. Basic Earthspike: Impale enemies with earth Shred: Shapeshift into a werewolf and attack Storm Strike: Electrify your weapon and attack Maul: Shapeshift into a werebear and maul enemies, defending yourself Wind Shear: Send out a blade of wind Spirit Pulverize: Turn into a werebear and slam Landslide: Crush enemies between earth pillars Tornado: Create a moving vortex to attack enemies Defensive Cyclone Armor: Create ranged protection and melee deflection armor Earthen Bulwark: Create a shield around yourself with rocks Trample: Run forward as the werebear and stun Debilitating Roar: Shapeshift into a bear and reduce enemy attack speed Ravenous Bite: Turn into a werewolf and perform a lifestealing attack Wrath Hurricane: Deal damage in an area around you Boulder: Unearth a boulder that knocks back enemies Companion Wolves: Summon two wolves and direct them to fight Ravens: Summon Ravens to periodically attack Vine Creeper: Creeper emerges and poisons enemies randomly Ultimate Cataclysm: Create a storm that follows you for 10 seconds Grizzly Rage: Become a super bear with super bear abilities Petrify: Stun all enemies and deal damage Barbarian Blizzard Entertainment The Barbarian
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