Is Apple TV+ Worth It? A Guide to What’s Streaming on the New Service –

Apple officially made the move from content platform to content creator with the launch of Apple TV+, but with a limited library and an initial wave of mixed and middling reviews, you might be wondering if it’s worth adding yet another streaming service to the ever-growing lineup. To help you make the call, we’ve put together a handy guide to the biggest titles on Apple TV+. If you’ve logged onto the homepage for the streaming service, you probably noticed a pretty stark contrast to the expansive libraries we’re used on providers like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. You can spend hours just scrolling through the options on those streamers, but Apple TV+ is a heavily curated offering — especially at launch. While Apple has a solid roster of upcoming series from A-list talent at various stages in development, the initial selection is held up by four core original series: the sexy teen drama Dickinson, which has potential to be the service’s first big breakout, the ambitious alt-history space travel series For All Mankind, the action-packed fantasy epic See, and the flagship show, the star-studded Me Too-centric comedy The Morning Show. Image via Apple TV+ That’s not the whole library — it also includes a number of kids and family series like Snoopy in Space, Helpsters, and Ghostwriter, as well as non-fiction offerings like the documentary The Elephant Queen and Oprah’s Book Club, but if you’re looking for bingeable new shows, those four are gonna be your go-tos. So is it worth it? That’s obviously a personal call, but for my (literal) money, I decided it was. I don’t love any of the new shows, but I like them all and I’m looking forward to watching them. The production values are not a joke, this is some of the best looking and sounding television out there, and the talent is a joke either. Apple has lined up a heck of a roster of directors, from David Gordon Green on Dickinson to Mimi Leder on The Morning Show. Not to shabby for $4.99 a month, but with Disney+ and HBO Max on the way, not to mention the ever-rising cost of Netflix, cord-cutting is the new cable.
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