Microsoft Issues New Windows 10 Update Warning

While Microsoft deserves some sympathy for recent Windows 10 problems, typically the buck stops in Redmond. And with its latest Windows 10 update warning, Microsoft makes it clear there is only one company to blame.

Last month, Microsoft began forcibly upgrading Windows 10 users to the (buggy1903 update and trouble followed. But Microsoft continues to push the upgrade and now it has admitted Windows 10 1903 machines with internal speakers (which includes most laptops) will no longer work with Bluetooth speakers (yes, this can include Bluetooth headphones) if users have installed the company’s latest update.

Microsoft’s new support document (via Windows Latest) warns that a variety of Bluetooth pairing and sound quality issues will arise after installing update 4505903. This will also be seen in the Device Manager where Bluetooth A2DP sources show a ‘yellow bang’ (exclamation mark) icon.

“Bluetooth totally disappeared from my desktop computer,” explained one reader to me. “At first Microsoft said it wasn’t their fault & advised me to contact HP since the computer is an HP. Microsoft finally admitted it was the fault of the 1903 update”

Microsoft has detailed a workaround using System File Checker in the command prompt (sfc /scannow) to repair missing or corrupted system files while ignoring potential false-positive flags for corrupted PowerShell files, but this is not a process all casual users will be happy to do.

As it stands, Microsoft has yet to provide a timeframe for an automated patch through Windows Update and the 4505903 page makes no mention of the update being pulled.

So you can add this one to the August List, which also includes 1903 update error codesnew wormable vulnerabilities in every version of Windows 10 and a pair of Steam exploits impacting almost 100M Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 users.
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