The Morning After: Google’s Pixel 4 might handle your on-hold calls for you

Welcome back! If you have an Xbox, you might have had some issues playing over the weekend, but Microsoft’s console is back online. We’re also wrapping up our reportage from last week’s IFA in Berlin, a show that centered around wearables, wireless earbuds and folding phones (or lack of). Google’s next smartphone might be able to handle your on-hold calls, too.

Samsung may finally be ready to launch the Galaxy Fold, but other smartphone makers seem to be collectively experiencing commitment phobia. At IFA 2019, companies like Huawei, LG and TCL cooled their efforts in the foldable flagship race in various ways. While Samsung saw IFA as the venue to show the world how it’s attempted to mitigate the problems with a folding screen, most other players are sitting out the hype. According to Reviews Editor Cherlynn Low, it should give them some time to reassess their foldable-phone ambitions.
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