Instagram for iOS updated with support for Dark Mode in iOS 13

Nearly three weeks after the release of iOS 13 to the public, Instagram for iOS has been updated with Dark Mode support. The new design is a mix of dark gray and black, and matches the system-wide setting in iOS 13.

What this means is that Instagram’s implementation of Dark Mode integrates with the iOS 13 setting itself. This means the app will automatically switch between light and dark designs based on your system setting.

Despite Facebook updating the Instagram app with Dark Mode, the main Facebook app itself still lacks support. Given Facebook’s history with updating its apps for new devices and features, it’s notable to see Instagram gain Dark Mode support less than three weeks after the feature launched. Ideally, this means it will also come to the Facebook app soon.

Instagram for iOS is available on the App Store. The update with Dark Mode support is still propagating, so be sure to keep checking if you don’t see it just yet.

What other apps still need to add Dark Mode support for you? Let us know down in the comments.
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