iPad Pro and MacBook Pro could switch to mini LED displays in late 2020 – Engadget

In theory, mini LED offers many of the benefits of OLED screens without the usual drawbacks. The extremely dense array of LEDs promises high contrast ratios, a wide color range and a thin panel, but remains power-efficient and won’t risk burning in like OLED can. Mini LED makes sense for pro devices where accuracy is important, but content might remain static for hours at a time (say, in media editing software) and otherwise wouldn’t be a good fit for OLED.While Kuo is generally accurate, it’s still worth treating the forecast with some skepticism. Other reports have suggested that Apple might release new iPad Pro models in early 2020. Even though Apple has updated high-end iPads twice per year before, it would be odd for the company to make relatively minor changes months apart instead of saving them all for one big update. Don’t be surprised if Apple isn’t quite so eager to revise its hardware.
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